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WAH Anastasia

What a gift Anastasia is.  She is a fancy girl and as sweet as they come.  She was born at 24 inches tall.  She should develop into a top performer.

      *  Height:  immature
      *  DOB:      February 10, 2021
      *  Color:    Red
      *  Sire:       Sunset Acres Lil Red Harley
      *  Dam:     BR Kismet

--Sold to California Family--
WAH Son of Cairo

Sonny is the best of BR Lady Bug and LTA Cairo.  He has his daddy's heavy bone and style.  Sonny's boldness and yet cuddly and affectionate personality are passed down thru the outstanding sire bloodlines of grandsire BR Caliente, great grandsire Legend of Circle C and great, great grandsire of the infamous SS Red Lightening, AND from his dam's side, Circle C on the upper side and MGF on the lower side.  Sonny comes as the exceptional.  We had no intentions of keeping this foal until his birth.  This cutie will stay with us.

          *   Height:    immature
          *   DOB:       June 21, 2020
          *   Color:      Gray and white spotted
          *   Sire:         LTA Cairo
          *   Dam:       BR Lady Bug
WAH Bodie

Bodie was sold before he was born and he fulfilled his new family's dreams when they first saw him.  He is a brave and very friendly pet who will be gelded.  He could still go in the show ring or be a 4-H project,  but hanging out at home and entertaining the family is his favorite thing to do.

*  Height:     Immature
*  Birth Date:     June 17, 2020
*  Color:           Dark Brown & White Spotted
*  Sire:              LTA Independence Day
*  Dam:             BR Truffles

--Sold to California Family--

WAH SonShine Poppy

 Poppy is a round bodied, drafty jennet with a very cute head.   She is so well bred with the strength of LN Rising Son and BR Kismet behind her. Poppy won several 1st places in the show
ring as a yearling.  I just love this jennet and it was so hard to let her go.

  *   Height:     Immature
  *   Birthdate:     June 12, 2019
  *   Color:      Red
  *   Sire:         LN Rising Son
  *   Dam:       BR Kismet


--Sold to California Family--