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AssN9 Little Vegas

We are so fortunate to have Little Vegas join our herd.  Her sire won NMDA Jack of the Year, and then NMDA Gelding of the Year, the following year.

She is correct and pretty at every angle you look at.


*Height:  32”

*Birthday:  October 12, 2017

*Sire:  AssN9 Little Czar

*Dam:  Li’l Angels Savannah



Border House June

June is a masked spot jennet, which means she has the spotted gene even though she doesn’t show many spots other than the blazed face.  She is very laid back and as sweet as they come. She is drafty with a nice top line and straight legs. We look forward to having many foals from her.


*  Height:   31”

*  DOB:     June 14, 2016

*  Color:     Brown & White Spotted

*  Sire:       Mini G’s Billy

*  Dam:      Rancho Rhea Sedona

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Gail’s Annelle Keeter

Annelle’s head is one of the prettiest you’ll ever see  and it sits so elegantly on her high-set neck.  She is very feminine and has personality plus. 


*  Height:    32 ½”

*  DOB:        September 6, 2010

*  Color:       Dark Brown

*  Sire:          MGF Wooly Wonka

*  Dam:        Thunderbolt Acres Cookie

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Emerald Ridge Mia Ragazza

Mia is a very heavy boned, drafty gal who is very well put together.  I believe she picked up genes from her great grand sire, SS Red Lightening, my all-time favorite sire.


*  Height:    33 ½”
*  DOB:        January 9, 2011
*  Color:       light red
*  Sire:          Stoney Acres Shaker
*  Dam:        Triple R Miniatures Valentina
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BR Surry

BR Surry is a wonderful addition to our
brood jennet herd.  She is pretty, very
feminine, and well balanced.  We are
expecting her first foal in the spring
of 2022 by Sunset Acres Lil Red Harley.

  *   Height:  35"
  *   Birthdate:  November 8, 2011
  *   Color:  Gray-Dun
  *   Sire:  BR Pepper Jack
  *   Dam:  Circle C Taffy's Link


AssN9 Grand Pandemonium

Panda's sire is AssN9 Grand Finale, 2017 NMDA National Year-End High Point Champion Jack.  Panda has perfect confirmation, nice hip, and beautiful long, straight legs, and sooo friendly.  We are looking forward to working with this little girl for show and performance, and
adding her to our breeding program.

*  Height:  33 and 3/4''
*  Birthdate:  March 21, 2020
*  Sire:  AssN9 Grand Finale
*  Dam:  Long Run Enchanted

AssN9 Pandemonium earned Grand Champion Jennet at the 

Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA in 2022 at 2 years old.

AssN9 Wind Chaser (Leggs)

Leggs' sire is AssN9 Storm Chaser who was NMDA's National Year-End High Point Jack for 2020.  Storm Chaser's full sister, AssN9 Cloud Nine was NMDA's National Year-End High Point Jennet (who now resides in Germany).  Leggs is very outgoing and has lovely straight legs.  We look forward to seeing her in the performance ring at halter and driving in the future.  She is a beautiful dark gray/brown.

  *     Height:  34 ¼”
  *     Birthdate:  April 13, 2018
  *     Sire:  AssN9 Storm Chaser
  *     Dam:  Long Run Enchanted


LN Red Delina (Red)

Red is one of the last Redsonnehi daughters.  She has good confirmation and is a good mover.  She is red in color and we are excited to have this opportunity to include her as one of our fine brood jennets.

*     Height:    31 ½"
*     Birthdate:           April 24, 2009
*     Sire:         LN Redsonnehi - 31 !/4"
*     Dam:        LN Reddalina - 31


--Sold to California family--

AssN9 Spanish Angel

Future Performance & Brood Jennet

Spanish Angel has done well in local show halter classes as a yearling.  She has a good conformation with a great topline.  She also has the long and extended, floating movement that we are looking for in our breeding program.  We are looking forward to this pretty jennet’s future in performance.

  *  Height:  34''
  *  Birthdate:  March 29, 2019
  *  Sire:  AssN9 Grand Finale--30 ½”
  *  Dam:  Schrater’s Daisy Doll RB--33 ½”

Bainbridge Charm

Bainbridge Charm has big soft eyes, with a beautiful head and a lot of character.  She has had two lovely foals in the past, and we are looking forward to see what she and Harley produces spring of 2021.

  *  Height:  33 ¼
  *  Birthdate:  April 8, 2008
  *  Sire:  MGF Homer
  *  Dam:  Pine Barren Miniatures Ell ese

--Sold to California Family--


BR Kismet

BR Kismet is an outstanding jennet with great conformation, width, topline, and pedigree.  She has a gorgeous head, good bone with

straight legs.  Kismet is a wonderful mom.

  *   Height:  33 "
  *   Birthdate:   October 28, 2009
  *   Sire:      MGF Red Jet
  *   Dam:     LN Sonnies Cherries


BR Ladybug

Lady Bug is definitely a 'peoples' donkey.  She loves attention and just enjoys being around people.  Lady Bug is beautifully gray and white spotted with red highlights.  She has great confirmation, a pretty head, straight legs, and a full pedigree which includes well known halter and performance donkeys.

Lady Bug foaled a gorgeous spotted jack foal by LTA Cairo on June 24th, 2020.  We had no intentions of raising another jack herd sire, but this jack has turned our plans upside down.

  *   Height:    33"
  *   Birthdate:           August 24, 2013
  *   Sire:  BR Pepper Jack
  *   Dam:     MGF Prime Harvest


Erika's Sally Mae

Sally Mae has one of those “floating on air” trots.  I have to check sometimes to make sure she’s still on the end of the lead rope because I don’t hear her feet. What a mover!  We are eagerly waiting to see what Harley and she produces this spring 2021.

      * Height:           33”

     * Birthdate:      March 26, 2011

     * Sire:                Runnin R Minnie Moe

     * Dam:              Ericka’s Cookies n’ Cream

--Sold to Nevada Family--

Frontier Legends Gold Dust
Gold Dust is one of those amazingly correct Frontier Legends jennets.  She is a stunning halter donkey with straight legs, a beautiful head with the kindest eye, perfect top line, and a big hip.  She's a wonderful mom and we look forward to seeing what she produces.

     * Height:                33 1/8"
     * Birthdate:           August 22, 2007
     * Sire:                     Frontier Legends Goldminer
     * Dam:                    Country Music's Lee Ann Womack
BR Truffles
Truffles' breeding comes from Benson Ranch in Oregon.  She loves people and has a beautiful trot.  She came to us with a handsome jack foal by her side and is a good mom.  We are looking for her to be a good producer for us.

*  Height:    33"
*  Birthdate:     August 27, 2013
*  Sire:              Luigi, Willow Creek
*  Dam:             758's Red Velvet

--Sold to California family--

Erica's Dixie Bell

Dixie Bell is a petite gray and white spotted jennet.  She loves attention.  She also has that type of confirmation where every part of her body is perfectly proportionate to all the rest of her body.  People love to take her picture.  She is currently bred with PWF Geronimo.

*  Height:    30 ¾"
*  Birthdate:     September 30, 2010
*  Sire:              Runnin R Minnie Moe
*  Dam:             Erica's Lucky Lady

--Sold to California family--